Inspection by endoscopic camera

To check the general condition of your pipes or to identify the cause of a one-time problem, we have high technology cameras. This ultra precise technique allows an evaluation of your pipes without demolition.

A detailed intervention report is given to you including photos and videos of the inspection. An action plan is performed according to the report conclusions.

Leak detection by fluorescein

Fluorescein is a high sensibility fluorescent marker, water soluble and non polluting. This technology helps to identify the origin and the path of a leak. It is convenient in hard to reach places.

Fulorescein hydrologic tracing also allows to map underground watercourses.



This technique consists of introducing a gas into the network to be tested. Gas, pure helium or hydrogen dissolves under the water pressure. In the presence of a leak, it escapes from the pipe and rises to the surface while crossing the ground.

Thanks to a detection device, we continuously measure its surface concentration. This technology allows to evaluate the importance of a leak as a function of the measured gas concentration.

Thermic Camera

The pipelines leaks induce a temperature change inside the insulation which is detectable thanks to the thermal camera. The termography analysis identifies damaged areas and makes them visible to humans.

This technology could be used for leak detection on a heating floor, to spot the path of a recessed pipe or a hidden channel or also to find an anomaly on a radiator.


Acoustic leak detection

This method allows us to detect a leak in pressurized water networks thanks to the noises they emit. It is made up of three major stages, the first concerns the pre-localization which will allow us to detect the leaking sections thanks to a helmet and sensors placed at strategic places. The computer then analyzes all the noises recorded during listening, and finally it pinpoints the location of the leak.

Acoustic leak detection therefore allows us; quickly locate the leak, find a solution adapted to the problem and finally repair it optimally.


Mini Camera

The video inspection of small diameter pipes allows us to detect a leak in very narrow pipes (from 25 mm diameter) precisely and without breaking,we will be able, thanks to the return camera screen, to determine to determine with precision the location of the leak, and to how far away it is.

Once the intervention is done, we will give you an intervention report,in which you will find all the photos taken by the camera as well as the video of the inspection. Finally, we will give you an action plan based on the conclusions made.

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